Why AHIT Isn’t the School You Remember

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Why AHIT Isn’t the School You Remember

Home inspection training is an important part of becoming an inspector who stands apart from the rest. But that doesn’t mean you have to go sit at a desk all day to memorize information you’ll never use, and cram for exams you’ll never pass. Didn’t like school? Us either. That’s why AHIT is not “school” as you remember it.

AHIT Offers Training Where You Want It, When You Want It

AHIT offers several flexible options for learning so you can become a trained home inspector the way that suits your lifestyle best. From online learning, to working in a virtual classroom, to in-person classes, there are options for every kind of learner and training experience. Sometimes, the type of course offered depends on your state requirements, so make sure to familiarize yourself before diving in.

Online Learning

For someone who is new to the industry and currently working other jobs, the flexibility of online learning offers the chance to learn where you want, when you want. We have online self-paced options—and it’s an interactive curriculum. It’s not just memorizing lessons. We’re using videos to show you how inspections work, what to look for, and keep you engaged.

Take Your Time

You can complete your training in as little as three weeks or take up to a year—the schedule is yours. This is a great option for you if you’re working in another field and thinking of home inspection as a part-time gig. Your learning experience is in your hands and will only take as much time as you want to give.

Hands-On Learning

Our hands-on courses are a great option for immersive learning, and live classroom training is not boring. Our instructors are fun people! And they’re successful inspectors themselves, so you are learning from the best.

Field training is the real game-changer for in-person training—there is just no substitute for practicing in a real home, writing a real inspection report, and talking to a real client (alongside your instructor). This is what makes our hands-on courses the “Cadillac” of home inspector training.

Lessons are Catered to Your State and NHIE Exams

AHIT home inspector training is available in 48 states and the courses are structured to each state’s respective requirements. AHIT makes it not only possible to pass the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) exam on your first try, but even easier. You’ll never have to cram for the exam, especially with AHIT Exam Prep.

Real Experience Over Textbook Terminology

The experience you’ll gain with AHIT will help you learn how to handle any situation you come across, and your instructor will be there to help you along the way. In addition to the training requirements you’ll complete for your state, there are lots of extra certifications you can take on your own time to help you stand apart from your competitors.

That means your first training course only has the information you need. You can add any certification you want, when you want. There’s less fluff, less frantic memorization, and exams you can pass the first time you take them.

Take It from Someone Who Gets It—Home Inspector Joe

Joe Mazza, AHIT alum and star of HGTV’s Home Inspector Joe shared in a recent webinar that he was never a star student: “I was horrible in high school, horrible in college, I couldn’t pass anything because I couldn’t relate to what I was doing.”

AHIT, on the other hand, offered a relevant and hands-on way for him to become a home inspector. He explained that having his instructor, Joe, there to walk him through the process and answer all his questions was the most helpful aspect in his training experience—entirely different from his time in school. That’s because unlike a traditional classroom, AHIT instructors are available to their students and grads 24/7 to help them on the job.

Joe tells us: “I was focused from day one; him and I would sit down and talk mid-session, after session, on the phone…you know, we were eye-to-eye…I never forget for my first home inspection, I called him up and I’m like, ‘Joe, what the? What is this right here, what am I looking at?’ …I was nervous! And he was right there! I was able to talk to him.”

Ready to Make a Move into Home Inspection?

Accessibility, flexibility, and relatability are just some of the qualities that set AHIT apart as the home inspection school you’ll want in on. Learn more about how to become a home inspector now. If you have questions about our home inspector training courses, you can chat with a career advisor at 855.490.3510 or email ahit@theceshop.com.

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