Become a Commercial Property Inspector: Steps & Requirements

  1. Complete your initial home inspector training.
  2. Complete a Commercial Building Inspector Certification course. (Training that follows the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E2018-15 is preferred.)
  3. Start lining up your commercial inspection appointments!
  4. Earn $800+ per inspection!

Note: If you’ve already completed your initial home inspector training, no licensing exam is required. Just complete the training and start inspecting right away!

Enroll in the AHIT Inspecting Commercial Properties Certification

Learn everything you need to become a successful commercial building inspector and start increasing your revenue from Day 1. With this step-by-step, video-based course, learning is fun and easy. And, AHIT’s Inspecting Commercial Properties course is the ONLY online commercial building inspection training that follows the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E2018-15, so you can rest assured your training is the best of the best

Course Details


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  • Course Length: 10 Hours  
  • Format: Online 
  • Experience: Interactive & Video-Based  
  • Payment: One-Time Purchase or Financing Available  
  • Exam: No Exam Required 
  • Licensing: No Requirements or Commission Approval Required to Begin Commercial Inspections

Reap the Benefit of Becoming a Commercial Property Inspector

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5x Potential Income Boost Per Inspection 

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No Regulations or License Required 

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No State or National Exam Required  

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You Already Have the Fundamental Skills 

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Less Competition in the Commercial Field 

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Investors Buy More Properties 

Course Topics

  • What is a Property Condition Assessment (PCA)?

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard 

  • Differences Between Commercial and Residential 

  • Commercial Terminology 

  • Fees

  • Case Studies

  • Sample Commercial Inspection 

  • Summary Forms

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Note: Before starting the course, it’s recommended you get a copy of the ASTM Standard.
(AHIT does not carry permission to distribute copies of this document.) 
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Common Questions (FAQ)

Yes! Once you complete the 10-Hour Commercial Property Inspection course, you’ll leave with the certification and the knowledge necessary to provide best-in-class commercial inspections. 

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International is a world-renowned technical standards organization. Their ASTM E2018-15 Standard is the set of guidelines used to evaluate all types of commercial properties. It also outlines the process for writing a comprehensive and reliable Property Condition Assessment (PCA). This standard aligns with industry best practices, so by learning it in this course, you can be the most thorough, transparent, and successful commercial property inspector from Day 1!  

Top earners in commercial property inspection make over $100,000 per year. But how your yearly income is broken down by inspection depends on your pricing system. You can choose to charge per square foot, for example, or even charge a percentage of the total building sale price.  

Commercial properties differ in uses, sizes, and price points, so your income per building will vary. Inspecting a cafe might make you $800, where inspecting just one shopping mall could bring in $10,000.


With a Commercial Property Inspection certification, you can inspect the following types of properties and more: 

  • Office Buildings 
  • Retail Properties 
  • Industrial Properties 
  • Luxury Properties 
  • Restaurants and Cafes 
  • Multi-Family Housing 
  • Hospitality Real Estate 
  • University Buildings


Commercial inspections are typically done before the purchase of a commercial property and are often also required as a form of regular maintenance in the lifecycle of that property — sometimes even annually. This is especially the case in high-traffic buildings, like hotels, which have safety standards to maintain. 

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There are more perks to the job than boosting your salary. Steady job demand, a flexible schedule, and the ability to help others are just a few of the many reasons so many join this $2.3 billion industry. So if you’re ready to increase your revenue doing something you love, what are you waiting for? Learn more about becoming a home inspector today.

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At AHIT, your success is our business. Our courses speak your language — however you learn best, we’ve got it. Our home inspection training also includes extensive business, marketing, and report-writing guides and tips from experts with 100+ combined years of home inspection success. You’ll have unlimited support that you can always fall back on, even after you pass the NHIE. What can we say? There’s a reason we’ve been THE industry leader since 1993. Training with AHIT is an experience that no other home inspection school can offer.

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    Coming into class I inspected 5,000 to 7,000 houses as an insurance adjuster and real estate appraiser. The past week’s education and textbooks has doubled or tripled my knowledge. The marketing session will make it happen!

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    Thank you for the continued support. It is nice to know I can count on you all when I need my questions answered.

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    Thank you for an outstanding week of professional training. I can’t imagine anyone ever thinking of going into this business without attending your school.