How Much Money Does a Home Inspector Make?

A career in home inspection can be lucrative and liberating! Have the flexibility you want by creating a schedule that works for you. You can start a new side hustle or work full time, it’s up to you. With just three home inspections a week, home inspectors can expect to earn $48,000 – $78,000 annually.

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What Do You Need to Know About Home Inspector Salaries?

Home inspectors are considered self-employed, and the earning potential will depend on the quality of the service performed, which is greatly impacted by the quality of a home inspector’s education. Training programs like AHIT produce highly trained home inspectors that set them apart from the competition, and this is reflected in their work and home inspection reports. Along with this, the schedule of home inspector will impact the earning potential, whether a home inspector wants to pursue this career full-time or part-time.

We’ve broken down what factors into a home inspector’s earning potential, and why it varies:

Base inspection average fees (as reported by AHIT graduates and instructors):

  • New York – $600

  • North Carolina -$400

  • Georgia – $400

  • Phoenix – $425

  • Missouri – $325

  • California – $600

How much does your business charge for a home inspection?

  • The average cost for a home inspection is around $500, but this doesn’t account for ancillary services. Home inspectors that earn a certification for radon or mold through AHIT, can add an additional $400 charge to a home inspection.

The home inspection career path you take can determine your annual salary:

  • Beyond the common items inspected in a home, home inspectors can add extra services including radon testing, mold inspection, wood-destroying organism (WDO) inspection, and foundation inspection.

Square footage of a home can increase the cost!

  • Under 1,000 square feet = around $200

  • Between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet = around $315

  • Above 2,000 square feet = $400+

  • Mobile home = $250 but can increase based on size

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One of the best benefits of a career in home inspection is that home inspectors are paid at the time of service, that’s right no waiting! Unlike most professions, home inspectors do not have to wait for a check twice a month or even longer.

How Much Money Do Part Time Home Inspectors Make?

While a home inspector’s salary is dependent on the number of inspections performed in a week, even part-time inspectors can earn big. When you have the flexibility to determine your schedule, you can decide how many inspections you perform each week. Have the time for four to five inspections? Do it! Busy and in a crunch? Schedule one or two inspections. It’s up to you!

Home Inspector Pay Increases with Experience

Salary increases do happen throughout the duration of a home inspector’s career. Generally, with each year a home inspector has under their belt, the annual salary increases $10,000. For experienced inspectors with up to 20 years of experience, they can expect an annual salary of at least $80,000.

Specializations and Certifications Can Increase Your Income

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