Could a home inspection career be right for you?

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A home inspection career is ideal for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are willing to learn and keep learning about construction, enjoy being away from a desk, and like the idea of doing detective work and educating clients about their findings.

What home inspectors do

Home inspectors offer a vital consulting service for residential homebuyers, as well as others involved in real estate transactions. They inspect major systems and property components, including roofs, plumbing, heating and cooling units, electrical and more, to uncover defects or problems that could impact whether a transaction moves forward.

Home inspectors’ reports describe their unbiased findings in detail. And those findings can provide clients with valuable information about what is often the biggest financial investment of their lives.

A home inspection career offers room for expansion and specialization. Ambitious home inspectors can expand the services they offer to include commercial inspections, expert witness testimony and specialized areas of inspection, such as radon, mold, termite, lead-based paint, and swimming pool and spa.

What’s important for a career in home inspection?

Interest in construction:

  • Understand how things work in construction
  • Learn new and old building codes
  • Update knowledge as codes, construction methods change

Attention to detail:

  • Identify problems and defects that might not be visible to most people

Great customer service:

  • Turn around reports quickly after the inspection
  • Establish positive relationships for referrals

Strong communication skills:

  • Write technical reports that non-home inspectors can understand

Physical mobility:

  • Climb ladders, crawl into tight quarters as needed to complete inspections

Home inspection career benefits

Own a business – Home inspections can own their own businesses and determine which jobs to take and when and where to work. Inspectors choosing this path should have an entrepreneurial spirit to start, grow, and manage the business.

Help others make better decisions – Home inspectors identify issues with properties that others might not see, allowing potential buyers to make more informed choices.

Every day is different – Every property is different and so is every inspection.

Not tied to a desk – Much of a home inspector’s work is done outside. Report writing might be done in one’s car or onsite at the property being inspected. The mix of indoor and outdoor work appeals to many in the profession.

Flexibility – Home inspectors have the flexibility to control their schedules and can schedule inspections around their other interests like family commitments or hobbies.

Healthy income potential – A home inspector’s income depends largely on how much the inspector is willing to work. Home inspectors can work more hours or expand into other areas of inspection and services to earn more income.


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