HGTV's new show with Joe Mazza: What's Wrong With That House?

HGTV’s New Show With Joe Mazza: Our Review

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AHIT alum Joe Mazza is back with a new show on HGTV! We followed along as he and Noel Gatts, designer, took homes from sad to rad in What’s Wrong With That House?. Now streaming on HBO Max, this show is a great way to get a taste of home inspection (and beyond) from a pro who’s been in the game for 20 years. Here’s our take on the show and how it compares to Home Inspector Joe. 

From Home Inspector Joe to What’s Wrong With That House? 

Joe Mazza, one of our esteemed AHIT alums, has been cutting his teeth in television since 2022, when his first show Home Inspector Joe debuted on HGTV. After watching just one episode, it’s hard to believe he isn’t a pro in this field, too. 

In Fall 2023, What’s Wrong With That House? premiered on HGTV. Still hosted by Joe Mazza and Noel Gatts, designer, the new show takes its predecessor and turns it into something even better. Here’s how the two compare: 

A table comparing HGTV's New Show with Joe Mazza to his former HGTV show: Home Inspector Joe

Joe Mazza’s Home Inspection Tips 

Without giving away too many spoilers, here are a few of our favorite tips shared by Joe in What’s Wrong With That House: 

#1 – When It Rains, It Pours…

Rain pouring on a house--is this bad news for a home inspection?

…but that isn’t always a bad thing! Rain can tell you everything you need to know about how your home is graded, where the weak points are in your roof, foundation, and more.  

#2 – 9×9, Asbestos Time

A picture of a broken asbestos tile. Yikes!

Any time you see a 9×9 tile, there’s a good chance it’s made with asbestos. Don’t try to remove these yourself. Always call a team of professionals to remediate your home 

#3 – Efflorescence

Efflorescence on a basement wall

You know those white, chalky crumbles you might find on a concrete wall in a basement? Those are mineral deposits, which are a sign that moisture is getting into the space. 

#4 – Lines That Aren’t Fine

An immigration line unearthed, and placed a little too close to the house!

Keep all irrigation lines away from the house! An irrigation line that’s tucked against the foundation of a home is bound to cause flooding issues. It may seem obvious, but it’s unfortunately common. 

Our Review of What’s Wrong With That House? 

We’re always stoked to see an alum find success — and this story is no exception. What’s Wrong With That House? offers a fun look at home inspection for the casual observer, and Joe’s inspection tips prove helpful for inspectors and homeowners alike.  

Our Favorite Parts 

One of the most challenging parts of inspecting homes is the lack of closure you get with the issues you find. In most cases, an inspector can only bring awareness to problems and will never see them resolved.  

In What’s Wrong With That House?, Joe brings light to issues, explains which issues are top priority, and brings a team in to repair them. Of course, this is never required of a home inspector, but with Joe’s 20+ years of construction experience, it’s the icing on the cake for the viewer experience. 

We also love Joe’s sense of humor and dramatic flair. Paired with Noel’s cool and collected demeanor, the two are totally engaging and authentic. 

Some Critiques 

It’s hard to find a show that balances the true home inspection experience with a plot that keeps non-inspectors engaged. This is a show that succeeds on both fronts! Still, there are a few critiques floating around online: 

  • The show leans into the drama, repair suggestions may seem drastic 
  • High-budget renovation projects aren’t realistic for many watchers, who may be looking for more relatable problems and renovations 

In this case, it seems to be a common pattern for any show that involves a major remodel to stretch the boundaries of reality, for the sake of entertainment. And no matter your budget, every house faces the same potential issues that this show teaches us. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

What’s Next For Joe Mazza? 

Sad to reach that final episode? Us, too. But there may be more on the horizon… Recently, Joe hinted on his Instagram that he has been filming…something. Until then, we’ll be cozy here, rewatching the shows and reminding our friends to move those irrigation lines away from the house! What about you? Ready to learn more about inspection? See why Joe chose AHIT for his training 

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