AHIT Enrollment – Texas Next Steps

You’ve Just Enrolled! Now What?

Congratulations! You took the first step toward becoming a home inspector, and with AHIT, you’re in good hands. Here’s what to expect next based on home inspector licensing requirements in Texas.

  1. Log In to Your Account

    Log in using the following link and the account information you created when you purchased your course: https://ahit.leaponline.com/login

  2. Attend an Orientation Session

    From the My Account page, click Open Course > for the Texas Course Orientation. Open the course schedule under Course Materials and select a date to attend a 3-hour introductory session. Learn how to become licensed, participate in live Q+A with the instructor, get guidance on connecting your online courses and eTextbooks with the required practicum, and get expert tips on passing the national and state exams.

  3. Access Your Course Textbook

    From the My Account page, click Open Ebook > for A Practical Guide to Home Inspection, 4th Edition. This is your course textbook. Before beginning the online course, read Chapter 1, “The Structural Inspection.” Click the left-hand menu to take notes, highlight, search, and use other tools like flashcards. Keep two browser tabs open to easily flip between your ebook and the online course.

    open ebook example

  4. Access the Course

    From the My Account page, click Open Course > for each of the six online modules.

    open course example

    All six Texas online modules add up to the 154 hours needed for a Professional Real Estate Inspector license. For the best experience, you should at least complete the Texas Property and Building Inspection Module I, Building Inspection Module II, and Analysis of Findings before attending a live class or the 40-hour Practicum.

    Online Course Module Required Reading from A Practical Guide to Home Inspection
    Texas Property and Building Inspection Module I Chapter 1 – The Structural Inspection Chapter 2 – The Exterior Inspection Chapter 3 – The Roof Inspection Chapter 7 – The Interior Inspection
    Texas Property and Building Inspection Module II Chapter 5 – The Electrical Inspection Chapter 6 – The Heating Inspection Chapter 7 – The Interior Inspection (Insulation and Ventilation) Chapter 4 – The Plumbing Inspection
    Texas Analysis of Findings and Reporting Course Material Only
    Texas Standards of Practice Texas Standards of Practice
    Texas Law Texas Administrative Code Subchapter R Texas Occupational Code
    Texas Business Operations and Professional Responsibilities Course Material Only
  5. Get Familiar With Course Materials

    Be sure to refer to your Practice Report and Standards of Practice frequently to understand how the course materials apply to an actual home inspection report in Texas.

  6. Take the Online Course Final Exams

    Each of the six Texas online modules has a final exam which must be taken with a proctor. It is recommended that you complete each exam before moving on to the next course module.

  7. Instructor-led Virtual Classes

    Offered in a virtual classroom format with flexible schedule options. The orientation plus 8 modules help to connect your online learning to practical use in the field. This will boost your skills to think like an inspector and write exceptional reports. A focused approach to understand tough topics as well as Texas laws and standards of practice gives you the leg up you need to be the most prepared to pass the licensing exams on the first try.

  8. Complete Your 40-Hour Practicum

    During field training, you will produce 5 inspection reports. Each one will be graded pass/fail, and all must be good enough to deliver to a consumer. The more textbook reading and online training you complete, the more likely you are to pass the Practicum. When you apply with TREC for your license, turn in the field log provided by your instructor.

  9. Practice Inspecting

    Make copies of the Texas Practice Report to use while inspecting your home, your neighbor’s home, and any other home you have access to. This activity will help you become proficient at filling out the inspection report.

  10. NHIE eBooks and Exam Prep Edge

    Once you’ve completed all online coursework and required live training, get ready for the national and state exams. On page 448 of your NHIE textbook Mechanical Systems & NHIE Content, read the outline detailing the specific material that you will be tested on in the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE). Finally, read the two NHIE textbooks and practice what you’ve learned using Exam Prep Edge to ensure you are ready for the NHIE. https://home.pearsonvue.com/tx/inspectors

  11. Prepare for the Licensing Exam with Exam Prep Edge

    Click Open Course > for Home Inspector Exam Prep Edge. Along with course textbooks, this tool will help you to prepare for your state exam.

    open course example